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Chao, Hello in Vietnamese.  

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian Country on the South China Sea known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas & bustling cities. Apart from this, it has a high level of biodiversity, it is home to approximately 16% of the world’s species. Vietnam is a perfect mixture of past, present, and future.
Let’s take a tour of Vietnam with our backpacking travel superheroes Arjuna & Bheema.

 Episode 1:
JUGAAD!!! Are you even an Indian if you are not a Jugaadu?? How about backpacking to a foreign country ( when Corona dies) with these pocket- friendly tricks from Arjuna & Bheem. 

Tricks, like carrying an empty water bottle and cooking your own meal at airports, can save you enough to have a fancy supper during your stay. 
Oh, remember communication is the solution to all problems, this video will communicate to you whether to get the SIM Card of that country beforehand or not and of course making new friends to know more about the locals. 

Last but not the least, a bonus trick on how to utilize your savings wisely for booking your flights and choosing your temporary home with maximum cashback. 

So go and grab all the tricks & tips to fly to your dream destination after Corona ends. 


 Episode 2:

Let us hasten to the battlefield! Onward! All together advancing! For one eternal Vietnam. 

Indeed, as rightly said in Vietnam’s National Anthem, it is eternal… 
Arjuna and Bheema takes us to explore the eternal beauty of the capital city Hanoi. So while backpacking for Hanoi, do pack your spirit to explore this city on foot/cycling.

And yes, have you heard of ‘Egg Coffee’? Well, well, wait no more and watch this episode to virtually experience the multi-cultural community with a vibrant nightlife and many more exciting facts about Hanoi. 

Happy Virtual Travelling! 

Episode 3: 

Are you a nature lover and do not want to choose between mountains & beaches? 

Then Ha Long Bay is your dream destination. The beauty of this Bay is remarkable enough to make it to big screens. Filming for the 1997 James Bond film ” Tomorrow Never Dies” took place in the Ha Long Bay Area.

Additionally, our two backpacking superheroes Arjuna & Bheem will take on Sight-seeing of Sapa – another beautiful town famous for both it’s fine, rugged scenery and also its rich cultured diversity. So see you soon Ha long & Sapa

 Happy Watching! 

Episode 4:

Hue- a slow-moving city with Royal Heritage and Modern structure perfect for one who loves architecture, design, and art.”NHA THUOC AN LE THUOC CHUA BENH VA VAT TU YTE”  is a restaurant’s name in Hue. Yes, this episode takes you to many more adventures of this Imperial City.

Another city with breathtaking beauty is Da Nang. This city has beautiful marble mountains and peaks are named after natural elements water, wood, fire, metal & earth.

Let’s catch Arjuna & Bheem in this episode to know adventurous things like Dragon Bridge and more of the city.
Happy Travelling!

Episode 5:

Did we tell you how sweet are the people in Vietnam? Arjuna & Bheem got really lucky to meet the warmhearted local people. The ladies there will offer the travelers coffee & tea free with a huge smile. Singham, Valika Vadhu are the famous Indian movie and serial among the Vietnamese. 
Let’s watch how Arjuna celebrated his surprise birthday party with the staff of the hostel and the fellow travelers.

They say if you really want to know about a country, then spend time with the people who run it – the farmers, fishermen, the villagers and so we see Arjuna & Bheem fishing crab and enjoying home-cooked food.

Happy Travelling!

Episode 6:

The whole Nha Trang & Ho Chin Minh city looks like a sports club in the morning. Nha Trang has 1800 years old temple and we cannot forget to mention about its heavenly street food.

Then comes the Cu Chi Tunnel in Ho Chin Minh city and the mind-blowing techniques used by the Vietnam military during the Vietnam war. The War Remnants Museum tour leaves a person both heartbroken and proud of how Vietnam fought for its independence. 

Arjuna & Bheem after the Museum tour takes us to Church and Temple to calm our crying hearts. Here ends the beautiful Vietnam’s tour without making a hole in our pockets.

Stay Safe Stay Home and Virtual Travel

Happy Travelling!

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